Stargazing at Wallisch Homestead, 11/3

This will be the fourth season NJAG returns to the Homestead. The evening will begin at 7:15 PM and finish around 10:30 PM. NJAG Members will be setting up their own telescopes for viewing by the general public. The first object that will come into view will be Saturn and Mars as twilight deepens ~ 45 minutes after sunset. Uranus and Neptune will be visible as well this evening. There will also be deep sky objects visible and will include globular clusters M13 in Hercules, M92, and M15, as well as the Great Perseus Double Cluster, M57 (Ring Nebula) and M27 Dumbbell Nebula. If the sky is very clear, the Veil Nebula supernova remnant and the great Andromeda Galaxy will be on display as well.317C8E8F-023E-445C-ADF5-102383104ED5

So please join us and bring the kids!  Educators are welcome as well.

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