The 2021 art show is in the books!

Right this way……

We wish to thank all of the artists who participated in the 2021 art show and contributed to its success! Below is the list of winners for 2021. There will be a YouTube video of the winning artwork soon. Stay tuned!

Oil painting: First Place, Joan Thomas, “Looking up at Manitou Bridge”. Second place, Beth Maget, “Miss Yvette Leaving Harbor”. Third place, MaryBeth Giacona, “Wallisch in Winter”. Honorable mention, Kathy Ackerly, “Wintry Cardinals”.

Drawing: First place, Stan Zimmerman, “Wild Thing”. Second place, Keirsten Templeton, “Bonnie and Harold”. Third place, Kay Monto, “Blue Eyes”. Honorable mention, Carol Jean Capozzi, “Clover”.

Watercolors: First place, Patricia Quirk, “Turbulence”. Second place, Deirdre Wexler, “Trees”. Third place, Christa Cocilo, “New Growth”. Honorable Mention, MaryBeth Giacona, “Autumn Light”.

Acrylic painting: First place, Gail Stoughton, “Peace Sits on My Shoulder”. Second place, Wilson Reimers, “Covid Light House”. Third place, MaryBeth Giacona, “September Surfboard”. Honorable mention, Diane Hart, “Summer Into Fall”.

Photography, Place: First place, Dennis Maida, “A Winters Day”. Second place, Miroslav Vrzala, “Morning Grandeur”. Third place, Cheryl Mosiello, “Unbridled Winter Sky”. Honorable mention, Christa Cocilo, “God’s Thumbnail”.

Photography, Thing: First place, Elaine Norman, “Anticipation”. Second place, James Danielson, “Carriage Wheel”. Third place, James Danielson, “Statue of Winter King”. Honorable mention, Elaine Norman, “Bright Eyed and Bushy”.

Photography, People: First place, Lindsay Chambers, “First Food”. Second Place, Olive Logan, “Leah vs Tree”.

Pastel: First place, Eileen Davidson, “Grace”. Second place, Patricia Quirk, “Swan”. Third place, Joan Thomas, “Still Life with Mexican Blanket. Honorable mention, Palma DiFranco, “Mermaid”.

Mixed media: First place, Keirsten Templeton, “Family Meal”. Second place, Danielle Lamb, “Cheers”. Third place, Bonnie Seufert, “Out of the Abyss”. Honorable mention, Elisa Amari, “Not fragile Like a Flower, Fragile Like a Bomb”.

Sculpture: First place, Maria Roeser, “Mary had Two Little Lambs”. Second place, Jeanette Pegg, “Blue”. Third place, Martha Boshart, “Fish”. Honorable Mention, Richard Schaefer, “Chief Engineer’s Desk”.

Artists 13 through 18: First place, Devin Sellinger, “Happiest Day”. Second place, Marjorie Portes, “Sweet Nature”. Third place, Jessica Egidio, “Turtle”. Honorable Mention, Maya Starr, “Nanny’s Butterfly”.

Artists 12 & under: First place, Ella Ray, “Space”. Second place, Karley Labita, “Chaos”. Third place, Ella Ray, “Peace”.

Best In Show: Mike Dziomba for “Lafayette Farm”.

Wallisch Homestead Theme:  Denise vonWilke, “Farmstead Sunset”.

People’s Choice: Stan Zimmerman for “Wild Thing”.

We look forward to the eighth show in 2022!


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