An unfortunate incident

The Friends of Wallisch Homestead are a 100% volunteer organization. We are the stewards of the property and work hard to keep it looking clean and picturesque for community use.

Imagine our dismay to find the property in this condition this morning, Wednesday, July 3rd. All of the white material appears to be polyester filling of some type. It was strewn across the entire property, including behind the creamery.

The Wallisch property hosts diverse ecological systems. Polyester is a material that will never biodegrade. It is hazardous to the variety of wildlife present in the land. PLEASE. We ask you to value this land as we do.

As always, we are happy to do the work to keep the property picturesque and beautiful, however, this incident kept us from being productive because we had to clean up a huge mess left by a callous individual. Please help us keep it nice for everyone.

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